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Student visa process for Ireland

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Ireland Student visa Application - Process explained!

At this stage you should be thinking about your visa application -though we are still waiting for update from Visa office as in when they will start accepting visa application.meanwhile, we can indeed try and help with any queries you have.
We have collected all of the information available online and put it in to one page for All Indian Students. Please ensure you still check with your counsellor to ensure you are putting forward a complete & accurate visa application. This is not an official visa document – this is just a collection of information that can be found online put together in one document for your convenience

Study visa application timeline:

Embassy of Ireland accepts visa application 120 days prior to the start date of your course. for course staring in Sep, Visa application process starts from May 1 every year. It is always advisable to file visa as early as you can in order to avoid lengthy visa processing time. Though, Embassy of Ireland official processing time for visa decision is 6 weeks but it depends time/period of your visa filing.

*Please note during the 2020 intake due to COVID-19 this is will not be possible – You can still begin your application online as of now but submitting documents to the VFS will not be possible. Please do this as soon as the offices are open and as soon as you are safe to do so. 

What is the last date date to lodge my visa application?

Please note that visa office won’t accept visa file if you don’t give them 21 working days duration prior to your course start date. Even they might accept visa application but they won’t make any decision on visa application and return your file without any decision.

What if my visa application is rejected?

First of all I would like to state that we are very proud of our visa success rate which is 97%. The Mentors Circle (TMC) has grown exponentially in the last few years and has quickly established the reputation of being a trustworthy and highly regarded provider of quality students’ to the University sector in Ireland. Indeed the level of engagement to our students is , in our opinion, second to none and is reflected in TMC’s  nomination as  ‘Agent of the Year 2017’ by Enterprise Ireland. 

This has recently been endorsed by Enterprise Ireland (EI), when TMC were one of a small handful of selected agents requested to visit Irish Universities to establish greater engagement and future dialogue with the university sector in Ireland. As you are aware, this selection by EI would be made in consultation with the Irish Embassy who would have recommend selected quality agents of the basis of their reputation, quality of visa file submission and approval rate. It is a matter of record that TMC received only 6 refusals from the all visa file submissions; a spectacular and enviable 97% success rate with The Irish Embassy in Delhi. 

If for any reason, your visa application is rejected – we can appeal the visa office decision addressing all the concerns raised by Visa office. I have personally have been helping students for appeals even though they were not TMC students.

How much fund do I need in order to make sure my visa application is approved?

Total fund needed = Tuition Fee + Living Expenses

You must show evidence that you have immediate access to at least €10,000. This is the estimated cost of living in Ireland for a student for one academic year. You must also demonstrate that you and/or your sponsor(s) have ready access to at least €10,000 for each subsequent year of your studies in addition to course fees for each of those years.

New 50% Tuition fee payment Rule:

Visa Office in Delhi has made an adjustment to the student visa application process w.e.f from 2019. it states the following; “The Visa Officer will only assess study applications where a student has paid at least €6000 towards their fee if it is under €12000.  If less than €6000 has been paid in these cases the visa application will be refused.  If the fee is more than €12000, the student must pay at least half of the total fee amount or the visa application will be refused.”  Please seeHere should you wish to see this new rule change in full on the Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade website (Embassy of Ireland India).   

Fund can be shown:You can show money from your parents or yourself in the form of:

  • Saving account – Account statement has to be minimum 6 months, and if there are large withdrawals or deposit then you need to put source/explanations for them.
  • Fixed deposits – You can show fixed deposits which have to be more than 6 months old. Please note that you have to send the Original fixed deposit receipt along with recent fixed deposit letter. . (Download Sample).
  • Education loan – In recent years, Embassy of Ireland has objected 100% education loan taken by the student, that is, if the student does not show any other funds apart from the 100% education loan. There is no rule that one cannot go for 100% education loan, but the point being the embassy wants to see family funding as well. For example, if you/your family have fixed deposits/PF/EPF/Bonds/LIC or any other investment, and you do not want to break that investment. In that case, you can go for 100% education loan and put all investment-related documents along with the visa application. The Visa office will not have any problem with that. If money has been disbursed then you need to provide Loan Disbursement Letter (Download Sample) as well. 
  • Public Provident Fund (PPF – Download Sample)/Provident Fund (PF) – if you can’t manage PF Letter then make sure you have PF statement with seal and signature from your office or respective PF Office(Download Sample) /GPF – along with Statement, you need to provide letter from respective office. (Download Sample).
  • Additionally, you can show LIC surrender Certificate (Download Sample), you can also show Mutual funds or Stock Statements (DMAT Account). 

Note : Please note that you can have sponsorer(s) from paternal or maternal side and supporting documents need to be produced on their name only. for example, if LIC policy is in the name of Parents/Sisters/Brothers then they have to get Surrender certificates on their name only. same goes with other Investments/Financial instruments.

Documents list for visa Application:

  • Visa Cover letter – every student should prepare cover letter for visa application. we help out student with this. We prepare for our students. Sample : (Download Sample)
  • Financial Metrics – This is the very important documents prepared by us and it will have every possible details about finances, sponsorers, explanation of large deposits and etc. (Download Sample)
  • Online visa form which is also called as AVATS form: https://www.visas.inis.gov.ie/AVATS/OnlineHome.aspx 
  • Student questionnaire form which can be downloaded here: https://www.vfsglobalirelandvisa.com/India/pdf/Supplementary-Student-Application-Form-en.pdf. 
  • 2 passport size photograph, specs given here : http://www.inis.gov.ie/en/INIS/Pages/visa-application-photos
  • You need to obtain Original Police Clearance Certificate. (Download Sample).
  • Medical Insurance – Please prefer ODON Insurance Please note there is no medical test for this. All you have to do is – fill it online and make payment for it. You should be able to get instant copy of Medical Insurance. (Download Sample). 
  • If you are being sponsored by your parents/relatives then you need signed sponsorship letter from them plus their ID proof which clearly states your relationship with your sponsorers.  (Download Sample)  If you are being sponsored by other than your Parent then you need to prepare relationship tree for the same. We will do that from our end. (Download Sample)
  • 3 yrs Income tax return for your sponsorer. 
  • Original Passport along with one copy of front and back page. If this is not your first passport then you need photocopy of all pages of old passports.
  • University Offer Letter, Acceptance Letter and Fee Payment Receipt :  you need all these three documents in order to give embassy of Ireland an understanding that you have been unconditionally accepted by university.
  • Your update CV
  • Statement of purpose
In order to apply Ireland student visa, you need to obtain Police Clearance Certificate(PCC). 
Please note the process for obtaining Police Clearance Certificate (PCC):

Go to the passport Seva website link below, and take an appointment date and center convenient to you.http://www.passportindia.gov.in/AppOnlineProject/online/pccOnlineApp
List of Documents Required for PCC IssuanceIf address is same as it is on Passport: 

Passport in original with self-attested photocopy of its first two and last two pages including ECR/Non-ECR page and page of observation (if any).

If your present address different from that in the existing passport: Old passport in original with self-attested photocopy of its first two and last two pages including ECR/Non-ECR page and page of observation (if any) and Proof of Present Address.


  • Ensure you complete the online application form in full.
  • Ensure you provide originals and copies of all documentation. 
  • Police Clearance Certificate is required.
  • Apply in sufficient time, at least 8 weeks before your course date start – note the 3 week rule. A student application can be lodged up to 4 months prior to the proposed course start date.
  • Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) is the only acceptable method of fee payment recognised by the Irish Visa Office, New Delhi.
  • The submission of false and/or misleading information/documentation may result in the refusal of the application without the right to appeal. This may also result in you being prevented from making further applications for a period of five years.
  • In order to ensure that all student visa applicants receive fair and equal treatment, student visa applications are dealt with in the order that they are received. This is strictly adhered to and no exceptions will be made.


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