The Mentors Circle (TMC) was formed when three passionate people, who wished to help students to get to their educational destinations with ease and comfort, came together. Being long-time colleagues, they were friends before partners. They shared a simplistic view of being service-oriented in all their ways and wanted to use their experiences of dealing with the Higher Education industry to facilitate each student who needed their help. 

“Each of us, founders, have acquired a great deal of experience in our space and strive at achieving excellence in every ounce of service that we belt out. Together, with our team, we have created an undeniable force of meticulous work, precise goals, and a fervent concern for everyone who turns up at our doorstep.”

Our Awards

TMC has grown exponentially in the last few years and we have quickly established the reputation of being a trustworthy and highly regarded provider of quality counselling and advice to students in India.

We have been endorsed by Enterprise Ireland (EI) and awarded “Best Newcomer Agent of the Year 2018”. We are one of a handful of selected agents who have been also requested to visit overseas Universities to establish greater engagement and future dialogue with the university sector.

“Our selection by EI would have been made in consultation with the Irish Embassy, who clearly stress on recommending only selected quality agents of the basis of their reputation, quality of visa file submission, and approval rate. This is evident of our tireless hard work, to ensure that you are placed perfectly”

Please know that The Mentors Circle is not your regular Study Abroad Consultant with a ‘consultation fee to placement’ approach. We render consultation after understanding and personally meeting our clients and students. We do so in an environment that encourages them to be vocal of their interests and ambitions, thus, bringing us the clarity that we need to point them in the right direction.


We believe that a student well placed is the result of clarity in communication, suitable application of the knowledge we possess, and unadulterated collaboration among ourselves and with our clients. These have been driving points in our effort to stand apart from our competitors and peers. We are confident of our stance in our industry and this is visible in the results we have obtained thus far.


We provide complete services to our clients as they aspire to reach the prominent universities in Ireland, the UK, the USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Germany. These are prominent hubs for English-speaking crowds. Those who wish to diversify their education and are capable of achieving an education in non-English-speaking countries, we have also helped get students placed in France, Singapore, and various other countries.

Our constant visits to our education destinations and frequent communication with universities ensure that we know the latest curricula and changes in visa programs, etc. to help facilitate efficiency when clients approach us.

  • Prompt Communication – There is never a beating-around-the-bush with us. We communicate with potential students and aspirants, who have placed their trust in us, with preciseness and diligence. 
  • Collaboration – We promote collaboration in every case that we undertake. Each student approaching us is unique, and to work in their benefit requires a thorough, collaborative team work in place.
  • Application of Knowledge – Everything that passes on from us to students is checked, verified, and consolidated. We get our facts right and we apply it to ensure that the student receives the best guidance and is placed in the most suitable college that would enrich their careers ahead.
  • Accountability – We hold a share of accountability when it comes to promoting students to their higher education destination abroad. The tasks that we pledge to provide, we will do so in every possible way, ensuring that students have a smooth application process to college and visa purposes, and we have satisfaction in our minds and hearts.

Education is a rapidly changing field, with several changes in various education systems taking place. With newer batches of clients, we are evolving and taking our understanding to newer levels, to explore and uncover newer spaces of progress.


Our methodology follows the principle of ingenuity and exclusivity.


We do not recommend the “one size fits all” theory and therefore, plan and mark out the best plan for a client, based on their requirements, budgets, and interests and intentions. With regard to processing of documents, we employ some of the best editors in the English language to help process application documents and our editorial team help guide students in terms of content, grammar, and idea.


In the future, as is with the industry, we plan to expand our reach through the medium of technology and employ its many benefits to help ensure we are at par with our counterparts in the world.

Indian students are an increasing population and the drive to acquire higher education abroad, subjected to a better education system, is boosting our goals of being better with each step.

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