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Why study in Ireland?

Want to study in Ireland?

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Top reasons to study in Ireland

Studying in Ireland: All you need to know about

Ireland is a wonderful place offering rich and picturesque landscapes and a culture that is so inviting and friendly, that you might never want to go back home. Among the beautiful sceneries and a long line of ancient, rich history lies one of Ireland’s most profound gifts to students around the world, a comprehensive education system. That said, Ireland can be the perfect place for you to study and grow in this modern setting. With a bonus of access to the English language in a diverse European continent, Ireland is a go-to destination for international students for native and non-native English speakers. The institutes across this nation are as diverse and accommodating as the Irish people residing there. With a plethora of short-term and long-term programs across various disciplines, you are sure to find your specified field of study and an opportunity to excel in it. 

When speaking about Ireland, you will surely picture a serene meadow with the wonderful sights of nature, mesmerizing your senses. Ireland is all of that and much more. It is undoubtedly one of the few countries in the world that has retained its natural preserve in the midst of its progress and development. And, this is exactly why Ireland is a great study destination for international student, as it wonderfully combines the majesties of nature and luxuries we experience in urban living. From the Giant’s Causeway to the Cliffs of Moher or a simple afternoon at an Irish pub or a farmer’s market, these popular and wanderlust-worthy destinations are riveting experiences that you can catch and explore whilst in Ireland.

Having dealt with Ireland and built a strong base there, we have come to recognize the best in Ireland, and we would want to let you know about 8 factors that encompass everything You need to know about studying in Ireland.

Why study in Ireland?

Ireland, as a destination, offers a ‘ladder of opportunity‘ in terms of education to all students coming from overseas in the form of stay back option and potentially green card entitlement to higher calibre students.This ‘ladder of opportunity’ is the same for each student and students are invited to climb the ladder at the first step. At various stages, the student’s achievements are rewarded e.g. stay back, possible green cards, PR etc.

English Speaking Country :

Though Ireland has its own language but English is the universal language. Since UK has is out from Europe Union(Brexit), Ireland is only English speaking country in entire Europe and that’s the reason major multinational corporate including Google Inc. FACEBOOK etc have their HQ in Ireland. Dublin is a UNESCO City of Literature, our writers have had a ground-breaking impact on English literature, we have enriched the language with thousands of Irish-derived words and phrases and, for a small country, our authors have amassed a huge haul of literary awards.

High ranked universities

Ireland host some the best University in the world. Universities like Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin, National University of Ireland, Dublin City University, University of Limerick, University College Cork and others are well ranked. its privileged to graduate from Top 1% of a Universities in the world.


Entire cost of studying in Ireland is less than other countries like US, Australia but quality is education is equally better and that reflects Ireland’s Universities too. Masters course is in Ireland is or one year which brings down overall cost drastically as you only need to manage tuition fee and living expenses for one year only. 

Irish Experience :

Ireland is one of the few rare countries in the world that has managed to preserve its natural beauty despite its continuous progress and development. This makes Ireland a great study abroad destination for students who would like a combination of urban luxuries and the great outdoors. There are beautiful areas to explore including the Cliffs of Moher and the Giant’s Causeway. Are you interested in visiting a famous Irish pub? You do not have to travel far to find one. If you enjoy sports you will probably want to inquire about Gaelic football hurling and snooking among the other sporting events available. If you are a fan of healthy eating you can enjoy the many farmers markets found all over the country – including the college campuses. It is safe to say you will never feel bored while you study abroad in Ireland.

Work Opportunities for Students:

Ireland offers two years post study work permit for Masters program once you finish your course, you are automatically granted two years work permit. While you are student, Ireland allows students to work part time for 20 Hrs in a week with minimum wage of 10.15 euro per hour. Plus Many of Institution provides Internship opportunity to help students acquire practice experience in their field of study. 

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Ireland – IT Study Destination
Ireland has become the global technology hub of choice when it comes to attracting the strategic business activities of ICT companies. This has earned Ireland the reputation for being the heart of ICT in Europe. The technology industry in Ireland employs over 105,000 people across an array of diverse companies and generates €35 billion in exports annually. The reason for such a strong presence of IT companies is because Enterprise Ireland have been quite open towards making Ireland as a European Headquarter for Information Technology, Life Science and Financial Services.
  • Ireland is the second largest exporter of computer and IT services in the world.
  • 10 of the top 10 Global IT Companies have their presence in Ireland
  • 16 of the Top 20 Global Software Companies.
  • 9 of the Top 10 US ICT Companies.
  • Global ICT companies such as Microsoft, Intel and Google have a long history of success in Ireland and contribute to and draw on a large pool of available ICT talent. Global leaders such as Intel, HP, IBM, Microsoft and Apple have long-established operations in Ireland.
  • They have been joined by newer leading-edge giants such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon, PayPal, Microsoft, Apple, eBay and Twitter.
  • Dublin is Europe’s leading hub of innovative games companies with Big Fish, EA, Havok, DemonWare, PopCap, Zynga, Riot Games and Jolt all having a significant presence here.
Additionally, the tuition fees in Ireland are well within the reach and not as high as it is in USA, UK and Australia. The Universities present are also very well reputed in the market. Study programs run in synchronization with the industry in-order to prepare a worthwhile course curriculum. Plus, adding to this, the course duration in Ireland is just for 1 year and they also offer you a Post Study Work visa of 2 year further to it, it will give you a 2-3 year work visa. Your cost of study in Ireland is very minimum(17500 Euros to 31500 Euros), and you can expect a return on Investment of 40000 Euros to 70000 Euros.
Ireland – Finance Study Destination
Ireland has also an exceptionally strong international financial services sector with particular strengths in: administration and management of funds; re-insurance; cross border insurance and specialist finance, such as aviation leasing and asset finance.A combination of 12.5% tax and an exceptionally extensive and comprehensive set of double tax agreements with 62 countries, makes Ireland a highly tax efficient location. Such efficiency is particularly beneficial for international financial service operations.
Some relevant facts about the Financial Services sector:
  •  250 of the world’s leading financial services firms – including half of the world’s top 50 banks – have internationally focused operations in Ireland.
  • Dublin is a major global hub for fund administration, aircraft leasing, insurance and a range of wholesale banking activities.
  • Over €1.8 trillion of funds are administered from Ireland.
  • The Irish Stock Exchange is the world-leading listing venue for fund and structured debt products.
  • The international financial services sector in Ireland directly employs 25,000 people.
Ireland – Pharmaceutical/Biomedical/Biotechnology Study Destination
Ireland is a world-leading centre of excellence for the manufacture of pharmaceutical and fine chemical products. The Irish pharmaceutical sector, which comprises pharmaceutical, fine and specialty chemical and biotechnology companies, is one of the world’s largest exporters of pharmaceuticals.
  • Ireland is the No. 1 European location for international pharmaceutical investment.
  • Over 30 FDA approved pharma / biopharma plants are located in Ireland.
  • Eight of the top 10 global pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies have integrated manufacturing operations in Ireland.
  • Six out of ten of the world’s top selling drugs are now produced in Ireland.
  • Ireland one of the largest net exporters of pharmaceuticals in the world.
  • The pharmaceutical industry in Ireland directly employs over 24,000 people with a further 25,000 employed in the provision of services to the sector.
Ireland – Supply Chain Management Study destination
  • Dublin Port:Every year 1.318 million units – containers and trailers – go through Dublin Port. Of this 503000 units come from continental Europe of which 190000 tonnes originate from outside the EU and clear customs in the container terminals in the port.Irish Ports handled 53.3 Millions tonnes of goods in 2017 and employment of 97000 employees
  • Strong Supply Chain Propels Irish Aerospace and Aviation IndustryWorth over €4.1bn to the Irish economy Ireland’s aerospace and aviation industry is soaring to new heights. Irish lessors manage €80 billion in assets worldwide and today there are more than 250 companies actively involved in the aerospace aviation and space sectors in Ireland providing employment for approximately 42000 full-time workers.
  • With over 50% of the industry’s global spend managed by aircraft leasing companies headquartered in Ireland which is also home to 30 international leasing operations Ireland is uniquely positioned to help drive the industry’s innovation forward.
  • Dublin Port Company expects to invest €1bn in capital over the next decade. The €277m Alexandra Basin Redevelopment scheme set to be completed by 2021 will improve the port’s capacity for large ships by deepening and lengthening three kilometres of the port’s seven kilometres of berths.
  • Shannon Foynes Port Company (SFPC) plans to spend €20 million to help create a site for marine-related industries on 83 acres of its land. The development is part of Shannon Foynes’ overall expansion plan known as Vision 2041 which involves spending €64 million to turn the port into one of the Republic’s leading economic zones.

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